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Comments from Clients & Friends of Aivars Lode
“I have had the good fortune to be introduced to Aivars Lode, a creative dynamo from an Australian upbringing, through one of my oldest friends from Wall Street.  My good friend, who was lost not long ago to a heart condition related to Adult Onset Type 2 Diabetes at 79, had a favorite saying he had used for years: “What are the Four Most Expensive Words in the English Language? IT’S DIFFERENT THIS TIME.” 
When Aivars and I got to know one another, I had the chance to hear about his book. As you might imagine, seeing the title, I determined to read it. My first boss on Wall Street had a favorite saying about how to identify “Visionaries” on Wall Street, the descriptive of the most vicious of Wall Street slanders: "They were the guys with the arrows in their backs."  I will complement Aivars on being a visionary, something I have been occasionally called, in my case not as a compliment all the time. Aivars on the other hand is so positive, he hasn’t caught the arrows yet, and I doubt he will.  I encourage you to download this free pdf file and print it out. You will find it stimlating, and for the right people, more than a bit inspirational.
Bud Burrell - President & Founder
Quantum Matrix
“Aivars’ approach to analysis is both hands-on and unbiased, culminating in clear and
concise conclusions.”
Bryant Yunker Jr.
“Aivars effectively articulates the lessons to be learned from studying patterns in the global
economy and explains why they relate to our daily business and personal lives.”
Robert G. Hershenhorn - Chairman of the Board
First Bank & Trust Co. of Illinois
“Aivars has a unique ability to identify economic patterns as they repeat themselves across
sectors and geographies. He combines this perspective with a tenacious spirit and unwavering
self belief to achieve business success.”
Edward Bostock - Principal
“In this book Aivars presents us with a mother “Lode” of information supporting the fact that
history repeats itself in all sectors of business. More importantly, he uncovers the patterns
that emerge in business cycles and how you might recognize them in future.”
Patrick Byrne - Chairman
Best Results (Aust) Pty. Limited
"This book is profound, controversial and insightful. It offers a rare peek at the roller coaster
road of entrepreneurship.”
Phil Kiely - Chairman
Matrix Capital
“Aivars’ new book offers a thought-provoking compilation of observations on what is next for global economies. During his travels and business career, he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge. Now, others have a fascinating opportunity to benefit from his observations and expertise.”
Thomas E. Noonan - President & CEO
“Often you find an academic who is able to articulate the theory of what is happening in the
business world. Often you find a businessman who senses it but cannot articulate it. Aivars
is one of the few people I have met who can combine both views. He combines a wealth of
practical knowledge gained from running a successful business with a deep understanding of
the theory of business economics that few people anywhere in the world can match.”
Richard Weatherstone - Chairman
Shore Solutions Inc.
“A true globe-trotter, Aivars is never afraid of venturing out both in his personal and business
life. He and his wife have lived in many places in the world, and as a result they have a great
understanding of its diversity, and are at ease anywhere they go, with people of all walks of
life. They are true citizens of the world. They know no borders, a refreshing change from most
people’s myopic views.”
Bernard E. Francois - Private Equity Investor (and a friend)
Serena Ventures, L.L.C.
"Like Wayne Gretzky, Aivars has an uncanny knack for predicting a market outcome (where the puck is going) based on the detection of weak signals from past observations and what is happening around him at the time. It‘s up to each individual to create possibilities that take advantage of these outcomes."
Craig Jones, Chief Operating Officer
"As a consummate student of financial markets, Aivars has an uncanny
ability to see the waves as they begin crest. From his insights I have been
able to advise my clients to avoid some of those waves that are heading
toward an impending crash."
Tate Haire, HNW Wealth Advisor
SunTrust Bank
"Aivars has great vision and insight, like nothing I have ever seen before! He has the ability to see things others cannot, interpret trends that many think are coincidences and has a passion for challenging the status quo. I admire his intellect and his fortitude- there is certainly only one Aivars Lode in this world!"
Gary Price, Partner
Fifth Avenue Advisors
"Aivars personifies the definition of commitment and the belief that anything
is possible if you reject apathy and seize opportunity. 'The irony of
commitment is that it's deeply liberating - in work, in play, in love. The
act frees you from the tyranny of your internal critic, from the fear that
likes to dress itself up and parade around as rational hesitation. To commit
is to remove your head as the barrier to your life.' - Starbucks coffee cup"
Tim Jeffreys, Managing Director
IT Capital
"When Aivars speaks of the Asian crisis, or of a car dealer in Melbourne, or even a politician in Florida, he has been there. His knowledge isn't simply from a text book, it is based on his experience as an investor and a business leader. In a style and manner not unlike that of noted futurist John Naisbitt (Megatrends and Megatrends China), it is great to see a summary of experiences, reflecting the views of thought leaders, interpreted by someone who was there.
Anyone interested in gaining a new perspective, or applying valuable lessons learned, relevant to what we are living through today, should not only read this book themselves, but must be sure and pass it on to others."
John R Laroche, CEO-Asia Pacific Group
Hong Kong, S.A.R., China
"Aivars uses his vast accumulation of knowledge gleaned from extensive research and his business experience to analyze, summarize and interpret historical trends or patterns which challenge the reader to identify or project possible trends and opportunities of tomorrow."
Jon E. Davis, CPA, CFP®, President
Jon E. Davis, CPA, P.A.
"Aivars is one of the few people I know who truly thinks outside of the box yet is still practical. He is further distinguished by his ability to sell. It is amazing to watch how he genuinely works with his clients to add value to their needs. It's not a sales pitch. He really does find unique ways to improve their situation."
Bill Grigsby, CFA, 20+ years experience in financial institutional securities
"As an entrepreneur and business owner, I continue to benefit from Aivars' unique perspectives and advice. His global vision helps me focus and identify crucial business opportunities."
Felix Lluberes, Founder
Position Logic LLC
"In today‘s macroeconomic climate, world markets are inter-related, more so than at any time in history. Aivars has a unique view on global markets due to his tremendous international exposure to businesses. This book is more than just trends and perspectives-you will also learn a lot!"
Dr. Radu Vestemean, President & Chief Information Architect
Knowledge4You Corp.
"Aivars has a passion for life, business, family and learning. Unlike many others, he completely understands the journey is the destination and he lives his life accordingly. He makes the most of his opportunities but he also helps others make the most of their opportunities. We experienced the extreme highs and lows of the markets but he never once lost his path or his conviction."
Ronald Totton
BT Global Services AsiaPac (Hong Kong)
"Like it or not, we live in a headline driven world where seldom is the underlying text read yet alone understood. Further, an individual's experiential reference base determines decisions and direction in life. Looking back, much of what we have experienced is "not as advertised" and suggests "buyers beware." Aivars Lode's insights and experiential reference base, while sometimes hard to believe, offers readers an opportunity to uncover and understand motivation and what really is going on as someone has been here before. I can't promise you will become a billionaire after reading this book, but I am certain your insights, decisions and direction in life will be positively impacted."
Mike Myers, Managing Director
Avantce Capital
"It's not how you get there it's why you go."
Nick Garulay